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Choice Magazine once again fails to deliver on GPS

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I read an article that Choice Magazine produced that is clearly naiive and simply put, rubbish. I cannot believe Choice Magazine can be recognised as a qualifier on anything just based on their articles on GPS.

The problem is, they report on only partial market a n a l sy s i s and not the whole, in particular only pick the top two manufacturers. All this does is market the 3 major brands and if I didn't know better I would have thought they were being paid off.

but I don't think they are because they have a pre-requisite that any product they review must be found in a retail store; the issue I have with that is, it doesn't give the smaller less known upstarts a chance to be seen. This article is in fact a great method of free marketing and Choice Magazine do nothing to give people a Choice.

If anyone tells me there are only 3 GPS navigator manufacturers in Australia, I would say, yes because you either read a s h i t t y IT magazine, Choice Magazine or only buy in major retail stores. That you don't bother to look on the internet to see what is out there or even go to a spe c i a l i as e d GPS shop, not that there are many left. In fact I can only count 3, myself (GPS Australia), Johnny Appleseed and GPS Oz.

The title of the Choice Magazine is "lost Cause?" Has yet another device been killed off by the smartphone? Written by Denis Gallagher.

I don't know about you, but give me the $550 to write a crap article in Choice Magazine or even an IT magazine, that way I don't have to go outside the comfort of my armchair and earn an easy living.

If you are reading this as a newbie to GPS, I will try to explain why I dislike Tech mags and Choice Magaine talking about GPS. Oh and by the way, if you are wondering why Mr4x4 Pat Calinan only talks about Hema or shows himself using it, is because he gets paid to only promote their products. So, even then, the ONLY place where everyone and anyone can talk about any GPS without favour is here... well except the fact I do sell TwoNav but I have stated that since day one. All I am doing is giving my products the same airing in this forum as ANY manufacturer can. There is a "Manufacturers Corner" where they are free to talk about their products and so far VMS4x4 are the only ones taking advantage of this offer.

Anyway..... one thing we all have to realise is that there is more to Garmin, Tom and Navman (which is all Choice Magazine wrote about). There are around another 3 manufacturers including TwoNav (designs it's own) and if you like Hema and VMS4x4.

Although both use iGo like many other brands do, but at least Choice Magazine should have included a brand or mention a few of them. Go to www.naviextras to see the abundance of official Australian brands. And there is Sygic and many unkown mapping products that are hidden from re-branding

But of course Choice Magazine have ever only done a review on purely on-road models because their authors never gone anywhere except on a freeway between home and Choice HQ.

So, what can be said of Choice Magazine and PC mags etc? Same as I always have done, shot them down!

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