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TomTom introduce a rugged 7" tablet called Bridge

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If there was a moment I can say wow, this is one of them, because, I never expected a rugged, let alone a 7" device from Tomtom. What is also wow is the allowance for developers to utilise TomTom technology.

It is primarily aimed at Fleet Management and tracking and clearly will deliver in that field but I also see a market for the general public, well if the price is much lower than I anticipate.

This has the opportunity to bring about a swift market share if, and only if, developers produce some exceptional Apps.

The basics are very good, just have to wait and see the quality of the screen and price. It does have an SD slot, which as far as I am concerned puts it in front of Apple straight away. If it is any more than an Apple iPad mini with 3G /32Gb then it doesn't have a chance in hell with the general public. Based on the current pricing for their 5' devices for Fleet Tracking I will have a plug and say it will be $899. I don't believe for one moment that the Bridge is targeting general public but it does have merit.

"Built for life on the road, the TomTom Bridge device has a rugged, industrial design, 7-inch screen, unique interface and powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The device comes with lifetime TomTom Maps and award-winning TomTom Traffic. It includes innovative features such as Near-Field Communication, camera, WiFi** and a 3G modem."

"For businesses looking for a more comprehensive solution to manage their fleet, TomTom has a range of options. At the same time, TomTom will launch a version of TomTom Bridge integrating WEBFLEET***, one of the world’s most reliable and robust fleet management platforms."

TomTom Bridge will be available in Q2 2014.

* TomTom navigation API and platform SDK make it straightforward for other companies own developers to integrate Android-based apps with our TomTom navigation software. ** It also brings an easier way to update content via Wifi or SD card.
*** The TomTom PRO 8270 solution

If you are interested email me and I will provide further information including prices, as I am an authorised TomTom Fleet Reseller.