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DualNav 7 by TwoNav Australia

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The second generation TwoNav 7 (now called DualNav7) produced by TwoNav Australia is now available.

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DualNav 7 is the ideal 7" GPS Navigator for on-road and off-road navigation. With the ability to accept the widest range of maps DualNav 7 is without doubt the most user friendly, flexible and feature rich 7" GPS in Australia.

Utilising a super-fast processor and DSP, the DualNav7 has the best performance to carry out heavy mapping usage such as panning and multiple maps.

Included Maps*
Navteq Street by Street Navigation maps of AU/NZ
Geoscience 250K Topographic Map whole of Australia
Geoscience 100K Topographic Maps near coastal portions of Australia (there are no Australian center 100K available)
OSM Maps of cities and countryside

You can easily create your own maps using CompeGPS Land (Free 28 day trial) or pay $59 if you buy a DualNav7 (RRP $99) *For any features or limitations on this product please go to or ask by clicking >here<

*DualNav7 will work with any .ECW raster maps directly such as Sunmaps, VicMaps, Tasmaps Geoscience Maps etc.
*Overseas maps optional (Street Navigation are based on TomTom Map data though, whilst raster maps are available through or any other map provider) or in some cases free.
*Over 7,500 Caravan, camp and dump sites data (Twice as many as Camps Australia Wide) optional extra @$19.95 with DualNav7 or $59 standalone.
*Geology maps from WA mines department available on request ($10 to cover cost of DVD and postage or free when ordered with DualNav7)

Quick Specifications

· Telechips TCC8803 2.1 GHz (ARM A8, 1.12GHz Core + 1GHz DSP)
· 7.0” wide 800x480 Digital TFT LCD touch screen
· MS Windows CE 6.0 core
· High sensitive GPS receiver (UBLOX 6)
· WiFi 802.11 b/g/n embedded
· 1600mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery - 2hours running maximum
· 256MB DDR2 RAM, 256MB nand flash
· Suitable rear design for In-dash installation
· Auto detect rear camera support
· SD/MMC memory card expansion slot - 16GB microSD Datacard with maps included
· USB Host 2.0 for connecting external HDD, mini USB Thumb Drive, memory card reader, etc
· AV In / Audio Out*
· Reverse Camera Input
· Multimedia player / Image viewer
· 2 Serial ports available
· Multi connector (SIO1 + SIO2 + Power)
· Extended SD/USB box connection port for mini USB external drive

*AV-Out may be optional.

GPS Antenna External (MCX) + Internal (10x10patch)
Main board CPU Telechips TCC8803 2.1 Ghz ( 1Ghz Core + 1Ghz dsp)
ROM 256MB Nand flash
RAM 256MB Mobile DDR RAM
OS MS Windows CE.NET 6.0 (core version)
POWER power input 12V/24V 1.5A (side 1port, bottom 1port)
Battery 2600mAh Li-polymer (2 hours maximum running time)
Display LCD Digital TFT Touch screen LCD,8“Landscape (16:9 Picture Ratio, 800*480 WVGA)
TSP Clear type, 4 wired
Brightness 520cd/m
Colour 262K Colours
Storage SD/MMC 1 Slot (16GB supplied), External SD BOX connected
WiFi Module 802.11/b/g/n
Multimedia Format
Audio MPEG Audio File (MP1,MP2,MP3,MPA), Matroska File (MKV, MKA), Ogg Vorbis File (OGG, OGM)
Video VideoFile (AVI,DIVX), MPEG4 File(MP4,M4A), MPEG Movie File (MPEG,MPG,MPV,DTA)
Image Image viewer JPG,TIF,PNG
Audio Earphone Stereo output port1
Speaker 1.5W (built in) 36π (Stereo) x 2
Interface USB USB2.0 Host
IR receiver IR Remote Controller
AV-IN For connecting external video player
AV-OUT Dual display (optional)
R-Cam For connecting rear camera
Serial Port 2ports,
SIO 1: RX,TX,GND (data in/out on +-0~12v),
SIO 2 : RX, TX, GND (data in/out on +-0~3.3V)
Connector Multi connector (SIO1 + SIO2 + Power)
Weight 367g
Dimension (WxHxD) 182mm x 115mm x 21mm

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This product is only available in Australia and New Zealand, and support is provided through TwoNav Australia.
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