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When an infomercial Garmin deal is not a deal -

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Our 11 year old was watching an infomercial called tvsn repeat and they, along with a Garmin rep were promoting the Garmin Nuvi 2495LMT as a tv special at $249.

Now, I thought to check out the price on the Garmin Australia web site and my favourite site and would you believe it, Garmin Australia has the RRP at, $249. The link to shopbot says it all when the Goodguys have this Garmin Nuvi 2495LMT at $199. So, in this case it is clear that tv specials are not always specials. Not good to see Garmin selling direct, but more importantly deceiving viewers they were getting a good deal; just poor form.

This model came out in march 2012 and Garmin typically only keep a model for approximately 1 year these days. Therefore, this is an out going model. Interestingly Garmin USA have this unit at $179, so I don't believe Garmin are that generous, do you?

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