View Full Version : Tom Tom One XL Speaker Problem

27th May 2010, 01:33 PM
Just a heads up on a problem I had with my 2 year old One XL, Ken stopped talking to me mid sentence. No matter what I did on the config side, no more voice. However, when connected to the computer Ken worked fine, so obviously (to me anyway) the speaker was at fault.

A search on the net led me to this site (http://www.dccsupplies.com/shop/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=995200014+&osCsid=pr8hr4matksvl327pvqhtgdbf0&x=13&y=18) , I couldn't find anyone in Oz to supply the speaker, Tom Tom service refused to provide a speaker. So for around $14 I have a speaker of much better quality than the original and Ken now has his voice back. Note that the mail from the UK took a week, pretty good.

The speaker came without wiring, but a quick job with the soldering iron to take the wire with plug off the old speaker and attach to the new and all done, about a 5 minute job.